Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What are the things await you in NTMTBA10

Hilly's n winding roads.......Kebun getah , sawit , hutan simpan secara keseluruhan 50 km dirancang rapi. Part n puzzle with ntmtba'09 with added some more fun n thrills to ride . After all it's DARJAH DUA rite? (Ever wonder how to get up there? Join us! Keep pedalling and save your breath)

Ikuti view nie.....aims for pondok tunggu buah ini... (look up for the small ranch)
Pemandangan dari kejauhan tak tercapai dek akal bagaimana nak merentasi laluan ini,,,,,,,,,,,,, (You'll be suprise....)
Strong will perhaps??

Dari Lensa BRO J........
Check out hasil tangannya

Enough room for overtake each other..........but carefull with the rough terrain
Route are marked n shall be repaint soon...

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